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A Competitive environment that brings out the best in each athlete

Coaching that ensures athletes perform at their BEST

Coaching and Programming for Athletes who want to reach their full potential

Programs that Deliver Results thru Research based training methods


Results based, Indiviualized programs

Developed over the last 12 years by Chase Kepley, a certified youth strength and speed coach, the complete athlete system is a personalized approach that incorporates the latest scientific research, prehabilitation, exercise progressions, psychology, nutrition, and proven training cycles.



Individual attention, in a team environment

We take every possible opportunity to ensure each client is making the most of their time spent with us. We train all the basic movements and exercises that are required to be successful in athletics. Then we follow that up by meeting the needs of the individual, and the sports they participate in. We guarantee that your time spent with our coaches has you as prepared for the season as possible.



Compete daily with other motivated athletes

We compete everyday, whether it is our coaches challenging you, or your peers.  We expect you to bring your best and rise to the occasion during our training sessions. We strive to give you every edge you need to be successful in your sport!


"Chase is awesome with kids! He takes time with every single kid that comes through his gym!!! Always willing to help and answer any questions that you have. My boys absolutely love working with Chase!!!!!!!

-Jennifer Hunt, Parent

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